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Was Held:     November 26, 27, 28   2010

Saturday      World War I 

 World War One 

   Will feature:  

  • Poison Gas  (simulated gas masks will be provided for everyone.)

  • Barb wire fields,

  • Trench Complexes

  • Land Mines (simulated mines will be provided by us)

  • Walking Tanks (Tanks only supplied by us)

  • Continuous 15 minute re-entry from a central re-entry area.

  • Missions Delivered at central re-entry area

  • Covert re-entries

  • Recon Planes

This will be a two team game starting at 10AM on Saturday   Teams and walk-ons will be evened by Keith to keep it competitive.

Immediately following the safety briefing you will head to your teams safety area and wait for the starting horn.

After three hours a horn will sound for a one hour lunch break.

This game will end at approximately  5:30 PM or after completing all the missions. Prizes will be issued to winning team. 

This game will have Five stages.

In this scenario certain players will have specific roles.  Sappers, Tank Drivers, and Bangalore torpedo engineers.  These players will carry props, and if eliminated, will carry the prop off the field to the central re-entry area.

Stage One: will be trench warfare.  Each side will attempt to remove hidden landmines that have been sown in the "no-mans land"  under the  barbwire and between the trenches, once found bring them back to the collection bin in your safety area.


Set up a Telegraph line.  Find the commo gearbox with instructions, on the field.  Run the commo wire between the map points indicated. Maintain communications link.

Stage Three: Assault on the village of Somme.  Your mission will be to use your single tank to destroy the clock tower by ramming it in the presence of a referee. Your tank can only be driven by your designated tank driver. Only the first team to destroy the tower will receive this point.

Stage Four: Locate enemy command bunker.  Using your bangalore torpedo sections, and designated engineer, breach the barbed wire defense, and then your designated sapper will crawl through the breach and destroy the enemy command bunker with a dynamite charge. A referee will then signal to the sapper the completion of this stage.

Stage Five:  Any player including the sapper can now use the breach to enter the destroyed command bunker and dig through the floor for a secret code.  Use this code and a little common sense to find buried gold bars.  Bring the gold bars back to your collection bin in your safety area. 

If a player carrying a gold bar, is eliminated, he must drop it immediately, allowing any other player to capture and take it to his safety area bin.

When judges determine that all gold bars are accounted for, in one or both safety area bins, the game will be over, points tabulated, and the winner declared.



Sunday    Vampire Hunter 

 Vampire Hunter

  Will Feature

  • Two Large Teams and One a small vampire coven.

  • Continuous 15 minute re-entry from a central reentry area.

  • Missions Delivered at central re-entry area

  • Helicopter re-entries

In the near future, as Romania struggles to join the European union,  western forces NGO's (Non-governmental organizations)  act to complete modernization projects while at the same time,  isolationist rebels battle against these outsider humanitarian efforts.  NGO's will earn points by completing missions,  the isolationist rebels will earn points by thwarting  NGO projects.

All the while, both teams find themselves harassed by Romania's oldest inhabitants, hybrid daylight vampires.  This small vampire team will be feasting on the dead of both teams as they try to escape the field.  If a vampire is able to take the arm tape off a dead player, the vampire team will earn one point. Players will be re-issued a new arm band tape at the central re-entry point. Vampires have no special powers, except dead players must hold still while a vampire has his hand on you to  remove your arm band tape. Any hit on a vampire is a kill. Vampires never go into any safety zone.

This will be a three team game starting at 10AM on Sunday.  Teams and walk-ons will be evened by Keith to keep it competitive.

After three hours a horn will sound for a one hour lunch break.

Stage One:  The NGO's first  humanitarian project will be to complete a water pipeline.

Stage Two: The NGO's will attempt to deliver medical supplies to the Hospital.

Stage Three: The NGO's will attempt to build a school, with pre-positioned materials,  deep within enemy territory.

Stage Four: The NGO's will attempt to remove left over land mines around a central bunker, close to the enemy re-entry area.

All missions not completed will count as points for the isolationist Rebels. 

At no time will rebels touch or hide any props used by the NGO's.

In this game, differing from Saturday,  NGO's will drop any prop, if they are eliminated. You will not hand it off or bring it in.

Game will end at approximately  4:30 PM,  Prizes will be issued to the winning team. 



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