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Playing a private field  allows you and your group to play paintball on your own.  If you are a beginner group and want to play the game at your own pace,   we will provide a safe and exciting experience!

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Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball is safer than bowling.

Paintball is very safe, we make it even safer by:

  • Equipment: our paintball guns shoot the balls at under 280 feet per second. Our paintball masks have two sizes, adult and child, and our goggles are double paned to prevent fogging. We provide body armor.
  • Staffing:  Our Refs are ex-military, so we can make sure that all safety rules are rigorously enforced and obeyed .
  • using high quality paintballs that fly straight and break easily.


Birthday Paintball Party

Ages 10 and up!

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We have over 20 years of experience in working with players as young as 10 years old.

We know how to keep your party: Fun, Fair and Safe.



Church, and Youth Groups

Church and Youth groups are our most loyal customers.  Many groups play 4 or 6 times per



Team Building

Have you decided to play paintball to develop specific team-building and planning skills that will improve your workplace?

  • Paintball is a great way to identify raw leadership skills.

  • Paintball is also a tool to build communication between departments or branch offices when the personnel are intermixed on the field.





Party photos



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  PaintballPartyz  accommodates  groups of  6  to  26 players.

   Plan to be onsite for about 3 Hours!  But, We can adjust the tempo to work with your schedule.

   Your players will be exhausted.

           $180  party minimum.  

( example:  6 players=$180    

                 8 Players = $240  

                 11 Players= $330)


Includes: The Paintballs, gun,  goggles, camoflage jacket, air and 

body armor. 

Everything you need to play. 



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  How to Make your party a huge success! 

  •     Bring a cooler of snacks and plenty of water,  and a Birthday Cake. 

  •      Bring a Video Camera,  we will issue your camera person an orange vest and goggles. (free)

  •      Have all players wear pants, not shorts. 

  •      Have all players wear Old Tennis shoes or boots, (not flip flops) 

  •      Have all minors arrive with a parent signed "minor waiver"

  •      Encourage all Parents and Grandparents to come and play. This is the best Parent/Child outing ever invented.

  •      Over-invite:  (25% of first timers,  will chicken out at the last minute. ) yet 80% of our groups repeat.

  •      Disabilities: Let us know in advance!  It takes staffing to make it safe.

  •      Kids with Small heads should bring a dark colored baseball cap, it makes the mask fit better.

  •      We only accept cash or Company/Organization Checks. No Credit card machine on site.

 Rain Policy:  If you get rained out before the end of the 4th game, we will provide FREE      tickets for a future event.


 Typical  arrival time is 930AM, We are open Only by CONFIRMED  Appointment.


 We don't make you put down a deposit, so call on Wednesday prior, to confirm your intent , and then again,

 the morning of...  with a final player count  so we can be appropriately staffed.


      Click Here To Reserve a Date for Your Party 


Minor Waiver


We do not retail paintballs or any products for off site use. For retail sales call B&D Paintball  941-484-7045