A civil war reenactment

May 14, 15, 16        2010

Last Game Until November!



Both Saturday and Sunday will begin with a stand-up civil war style battle, this first engagement will last approximately twenty minutes and no one will be forced to participate, you may just watch if you wish.  Each army will be divided into equal ranks and must hold onto a thin PVC pipe while advancing as ordered by their general.  If at anytime players are shot or you let go of the pipe---that player will drop off the line and return to their start /staging area.  If at anytime during the advance, your PVC pipe touches the ground the entire rank is eliminated, if any member of your rank is struck by cannon fire [ water-balloons fired by beach slingshot ]---your whole rank is eliminated.

   Both armies have the same objective----when any member of a rank reaches and touches first a wooden fence centered in the open just beyond our western boundary--- their general then must stand his standard [ flag ]---up, by inserting it into a colored PVC pipe sleeve in the ground.  That army will receive 10 points, then all players will begin the rest of the tournament by falling back to their headquarters tent.

   During this first action generals must stay behind their ranks until they touch the fence objective. Generals will not carry a weapon, instead they will hold their standard high, also they cannot be killed.  Ranks can not move unless ordered by their general---ranks cannot move more than five steps---ranks can not be ordered to move twice in a row unless their the last rank surviving---ranks cannot wheel and must have all players facing the fence at all times---ranks can move forward or sideways only.

   After this civil war reenactment we will provide cleaning supplies at your teams HQ tent saving players a long walk.  During the remainder of the scenario,  players will exit the field when eliminated, at our central bridge, and be allowed to re-enter on the half hour [ top and bottom of each hour, thirty minutes ].  The reentry area will be stocked with cleaning materials.

   Each army will be assigned a referee [ marked in red or blue arm band tape for the entire tournament.]---After an objective has been taken this ref will quickly return that teams standard to their HQ then inform all present of the next mission to be completed in thirty minutes.  missions will be judged [ or completed ] at the same time as reinsertion.  A standard is that teams flag, at no time may a player touch an opposing teams flag----this would just lead to the loss of our props.

   There will be 4 objectives evenly spaced between the teams, each will feature a red PVC sleeve and a blue PVC sleeve, these objectives will be named the wooden fence, the graveyard, the crossroads, and the treasure chest.  If a team captures the objective they are ordered to capture---that is---having their flag in place [ in their colored sleeve ] at the top or bottom of the hour, they will earn 3 points.  Although if an opponent also captures that same objective neither team will receive a score for that time.  Your ref will simply remove your standard and restart it back at your HQ with new orders for the end of the next 1/2 hour.  Their will be times during the event when teams will be attacking different objectives at the same thus facing less resistance to scoring.

   There will be one extra objective in play on Saturday and Sunday, this will be an black colored advanced multi-shot pistol of this time period.  according to spies it was lost near the center of the battlefield.  Once it is found by any live player they are to return it to their teams HQ earning their team 7 points at the end of that days play.

 This will be a two day contest.  At 5 pm Sunday a winning team will be announced, all players on the winning team will receive a commemorative pin and get to shoot for a single marksmanship award trophy.


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