At the start of play both union and rebel forces were evenly split at 40 players, three companies each.  All players participated and moved quickly to their starting positions in the open, standing tall, then marched forward, in ranks, across the open field.  

On command to attack generals pushed their forces forward quickly [ too quickly ] and before either side would risk running low on ammo four companies would be decimated.  Rebel forces prevailed and took the lead which they would hold throughout this two day event.  During this scenario some of the objectives wouldn't be contested, that caused players to be on their guard that enemy forces were heading for the higher scoring western wall.  This was the case when Crawford and Heather from team Trespassers spotted the union's last minute charge and capture of the high value wall, they were able to rally several experienced teammates, drove off the Union, and canceled out [ what would have been ] a nearly catch-up score.

Our generals and most players demanded to take a half hour lunch break even though it wasn't scheduled. The players were becoming exhausted with 15 minute re-entry windows and 30 minute mission times. In future games we'll plan for at least a half hour lunch break.

After the break the rebels using their better knowledge of the field searched and found the 7 point special weapon prop.  This continued the rebels steady scoring on the eastern three objectives, all players knew and prepared for the last objective which was to be the western wall.  As the final battle began, players flung themselves at each other trying to be the first to take this open field wall and fend off the enemy.  Just then, the union teams general John Bozze, of team Who, developed a sprained knee, he quickly turned over command to John Sanin from team Trail Gunners.  Sanin, proved to be a very capable leader in a pinch, he would lead a last minute river boat attack. This brave assault would inspire other union troops into charging as Kenny and team Dmented, harassed the rebels flank.  The union succeeded, in snatching a rebel victory.

Going into Sunday the union needed reinforcements badly----they didn't arrive.  But the union players did fight on and challenged the rebels at every objective, unfortunately this slugfest had to end early as a thunder storm and lightning forced an early retreat for both forces from the field of battle. 


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