Weekend Big Game Scenario

Road to Baghdad II

After Action Report

Was Held:  April 16, 17,18    2010

Teams that attended: 

Sabotage Trespassers
Vandals Alpha Dogs
Scorpions Young Guns
Lock On Swamp Rats
Silent Corps P.C.  JROTC

All our premium camp sites were reserved two weeks in advance, as over 130 Players attended this event with half arriving early on Friday night.  Most players had read the game rules online and were ready for a quick start - quick starts or continuous play in future games is our goal.  

Sides were chosen to reflect a David against Goliath challenge. 

Red Team (represented the smaller force) and was made up of Team Trespasser, Sabotage and Lock On, with Dennis Riggs of Team Trespasser as General. 

Green Team (represented the larger force) and was made up of Team Swamp Rats, Alpha Dogs, Young Guns, Scorpion, Vandals, and Xile, with Scott Evans of the Swamp Rats as General.

At the start of Saturday play, the Green team moved slower as they had smaller trails through the tropical brush at their South Base.  This allowed the more experience Red Team to surround the green teams re-entry area which  forced Green team to use 3 Helicopter re-inserts in order to break out.  This blitzkrieg  allowed Red Team to score all of the points in the morning section.  At restart after Lunch,  General Scott Evans had 5 times more players ready to go....   It was now pay back time, and now Red found itself trapped in the South Re-entry area.  Now Red was  forced to use  two helicopter assaults to escape.   At the end of play on Saturday, and even though green team had a larger force, Red was dominating with a score of 56 1/2 to 7  1/2.

Sunday's weather lived up to its forecast with all day light showers.  But neither team faltered, as both were eagerly standing ready in the drizzle as the starting horn sounded screaming "thank you mother nature!".  Immediately David, from Team Lock On,  raced around the No-mans zone and took up an excellent covered position near the Green team's re-entry boundary.  He single handedly removed 15 Players.   

It appeared for a while that the red team would dominate again,  but Green Team was reinforced with new arrivals,  and most of green team speedily readied themselves for re-insertion every 15 minutes,  Green was able to take the lead by 1/2 point with only a half hour remaining in the game.  That's when General Scott Evans, gambled away his half point advantage,  on another helicopter landing behind the red teams base.  

Meanwhile General Dennis Riggs Red team was on a roll, with the exception that one of his tanks was too badly damaged too move.  General Riggs, now felt his contribution would be better served as a psychological warrior, he loitered in the communal re-entry staging area, confusing the Green team players about the objective and re-insertion times,  to some effect.  In the final minutes, all 5 remaining tanks had arrived at the final objective.   Some of the tanks were so weakened from abuse, that numerous shots were able to penetrate the walls, and eliminate the tank drivers.  

In the final minutes,  General Evans sacrificed himself by charging  forward with a grenade in order to eliminate  two Red tanks, unfortunately the crews had just evacuated.   The seasoned Red Team quickly re-manned their tanks in the final seconds. Green Team's Helo assault force fought through well positioned tank and infantry fire to also re-man their tanks, this after red team sappers darted out of the steady rain to bunker the fogged and blinded Green tank defenders.

In the end, nothing could stop the Green team from a come from behind victory,  winning by a single tank over red.

Special thanks to Players Bones, Randy & Jeff,  and the judges who endured the numerous hits and soaked clothes, keeping the games safe throughout the weekend.

All players received the "Rolling Eagle" Patch at the end of play Sunday, and Once again, Tony Flagg of the Vandals won the marksmanship trophy with his ancient pump-gun.    Congratulations to all!

The rules for our next Scenario,  May 14, 15, 16 2010   will be posted soon,  at that time, groups of  5 players or more, can begin reserving RV sites with electricity. We have a total of 8 RV electric sites.  Generators are OK in our Overflow area.

Event Video will be posted soon!

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