TET Offensive
After Action Report  

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120 Players Participated in the Event


The Tet Offensive game debuted the use of mission cards.  The cards were issued moments before the start of each game.  Most players enjoyed the additional challenge of quickly planning and executing their strategies, knowing the enemy was facing the same challenges...

Many of the players commented that they liked the individual missions delivered in this manner, this style will be used again  in the future.

Awarding scores to an Ally,  created a complexity, that players found strategically unusual.  This forced Allies to actually work together and closely mimicked real world history. 

Saturday began with a drenching shower at game start.  Lightning forced us into a twenty minute delay.  We applaud the players, as they quickly reassembled and were ready to begin as soon as the rain slowed...

Throughout the weekend, a secondary mission was to take and hold the Red Bomb which was randomly re-located each game.  This 7 point item was contested viciously and heroically, and ultimately became the factor that decided the tournament. 

Each of the Four teams completed the majority of their missions, keeping the scoring very tight.  In Game 5 of 6 on Sunday, it was still up grabs...

But once again, Bill Bones led the Double Red Team to a decisive victory in spite of a double-cross by his ally (single red) in game 5.

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