Jan 1, 2, 3   2009
For this game we will be dividing into 6 Groups! and using the "Spy Card" and Forced Assimilations.

Large Teams will be kept together and augmented with small teams and walk-ons.  Starting positions will be randomly selected then rotated clockwise each game throughout  the weekend. Your starting judge will stick with your team throughout the event. It is possible that a weak team will be assimilated by a strong team, If a team is assimilated the victors will receive the players and cards of the weaker team, but not their points.

In each game, the teams will have 25 minutes to capture other continents. We strongly suggest as always our players wear watches !!!

To successfully capture a continent a team must turn up their color flag.  AND occupy it with at least one live player. 

New Rule on Assimilations:  Assimilations can only occur after lunch break each day. The three lowest scoring teams (after scoring the round) are at risk of being assimilated.  If your base was judged captured;  your general will pick two numbers on a six sided dice, If you number comes up, you are assimilated into the team that just captured you.  Your  team will then continue the rest of the event wearing a new color and taking orders from a new general. Your cards will be turned over to their general.  Your points will be lost.   There will only be two assimilations during the entire weekend event. Players arriving on Sunday will be asked to join the weakest teams.


Continent points same as Risk Board Game. 

5 Points North America 5 points Europe 7 points for Asia, 
2 Points South America 3 Points Africa 2 Points Australia

Teams earn one card per flag station turned to their color at end of game. (In paintball Risk teams can earn more than one card per game)  

Cards will be turned in for points. If a team has 5 or more cards they must cash in.

Following the end of the  1st  Game,     Cash in   5 Points

Following the end of the  2nd Game     Cash in  10 Points

Following the end of the  3rd  Game      Cash in  15 Points

and so on....  

There will be one Risk Night game.

Cash in Points  will revert to 5 points for the first cash in on Sunday morning. Due to this scoring strategy, Risk will always be a two day event with all awards issued at end of Sunday play, approximately 4pm.

Players are encouraged to bring Nerf Rocket launchers and hand grenades for use against enemy bases.   And, as always players must alert a judge prior to using a grenade or rocket launcher. Grenades bursting inside a base will eliminate all players inside.  Rockets shall only count if they strike the exterior wall of a base.

Spy Card: Only a general can play the spy card.  The general must hand one of his risk cards to his starting judge,  at his start base, prior to the start of a game. Only one spy card can be played during a game. First come first served.  Using the spy card allows the general to receive helpful information from all judges on the field for the length of that game as long as the general is alive.

Winning team members will receive the World Forces pin on Sunday. The Winning General will also receive the Best General Trophy.