Feb 27, 28 and March 1,  2009
For this game we will be dividing into 5 Groups! and Introducing the "Spy Card"
This is a bring your own paint event!
We will have Paint, High Pressure Air and CO2 Available at reasonable prices.   

Make Sure your CO2 and Air tanks are in Date

The race for global supremacy is becoming ever more desperate in a world driven by the war machine. No longer can leaders depend on historical allies. Bureaucrats attempt to foster peace treaties between opposing factions, but they too, have picked up arms and fight for the ultimate stake: their own survival. National Extremist views are the mainstay and the political system is domineered by warlords.

Where will this struggle end? Who will become the dominant power? The world's fate is in your hands!

Large Teams will be kept together and augmented with small teams and walk-ons.  Starting positions will be randomly selected and changed several times over the weekend. It is possible that a weak team will be assimilated by a strong team, If a team is assimilated the victors will receive the players and cards of the weaker team, but not their points.

In each game, the teams will have 30 minutes to capture other continents. To successfully capture a continent a team must secure the entire continent  AND occupy it with at least one live player.  Continent points same as Risk Board Game. Teams get one card per flag station turned to their color at end of game. (More than one card per game is possible)  

Cards will be turned in for points. If a team has 5 or more cards they must cash in.

Following the end of the 1st  Game,     Cash in   5 Points

Following the end of the 2nd  Game     Cash in  10 Points

Following the end of the 3rd  Game      Cash in  15 Points

Following the end of the 4th  Game      Cash in  20 Points

Following the end of the 5th  Game      Cash in  25 Points

Following the end of the 6th  Game      Cash in  30 Points  

Cash in Points  will revert to 5 points for the first cash in onSunday 

Team Game Points and personal awards will be awarded for the Saturday night game as well.

All Members of the winning team will Receive World Domination Pin on Sunday at the conclusion.


Two Walking tanks will be provided and in play.  If you commandeer a tank you can use it until you are eliminated.  Players are encouraged to bring Nerf Rocket launchers (at this time no motorized tanks allowed.)