Jan 2,3,4 2009
For this game we will be dividing into 4 Teams!

"Beware peaceniks, the new world order will be determined more by the actions of young soldiers with Somalia like boldness than by aging blue-haired negotiators wielding weapons too big and environmentally dangerous to ever use."

Will millions of Brazilians flood into Africa under the guise of humanitarianism staying to assist these poor people in advanced farming, forever? 

Will armed U.S. Peace Corps workers then drop into South America while half the manpower is away, claiming U.S intent on eradicating these nations drug export business?  Possibly staying to mine the lithium needed for electric cars?

Will the newly empowered European nations foray into an ever-weaker Russia, in a search for weapons of mass destruction only to stay and soak up the oil? 

Will the south pacific nations organize a revenge mission against all things financial and attempt immigration into Europe until they’re able to hold every seat of power?

Will the Arab nations coalesce behind the ideal of a revived Saladin conquest of all who would doubt Allah’s greatness, taking all the infidels’ lands in every direction?

I am no Prophet, But I know when economies suffer nations become aggressive…

…Don’t become just one more hapless victim; learn the tactics of a multiple front war and how to deal with Earth’s inevitable future conflicts.

In Paintball Risk, There will be 4 Teams of different sizes.  They will start in the corners of the Risk board field.  Australia, Russia, North America and South America.   Europe and Africa will be up for grabs.


In each game, the teams will have 30 minutes to capture other continents. To successfully capture a continent a team must secure the entire continent (unbroken boundary tapes) AND have their color flag up.  Continent points same as Risk Board Game. Teams get one card per flag station turned to their color at end of game. (More than one card per game is possible)


Cards will be turned in for points. If a team has 5 or more cards they must cash in.

Following the end of the 1st  Game,     Cash in   5 Points

Following the end of the 2nd  Game     Cash in  10 Points

Following the end of the 3rd  Game      Cash in  15 Points

Following the end of the 4th  Game      Cash in  20 Points

Following the end of the 5th  Game      Cash in  25 Points

Following the end of the 6th  Game      Cash in  30 Points  

Cash in Points  will revert to 5 points for the first cash in onSunday 

Team Game Points and personal patches will be awarded for the Satuday night game as well.

All Members of the winning team will Receive World Domination Pin on Sunday at the conclusion.


Two Walking tanks will be provided and in play.  If you commandeer a tank you can use it until you are eliminated.  Players are encouraged to bring Nerf Rocket launchers (at this time no motorized tanks allowed.)