Jan 2,3,4 2009  
After Action Report
We had a great turnout, great weather
and divided into 4 competitive groups.


In each game, the teams had 30 minutes on Saturday and 20 minutes on Sunday, to capture enemy continents. To successfully capture a continent a team occupied a base  AND had their color flag up.  Continent points same as Risk Board Game. Teams were awarded one card per flag station turned to their color at end of game.

The teams

United States, Yellow,  Spoontz charlotte county jrotc and Cape Coral Crusaders

Russia,  Red, Led by Bones and Olding,  composed of Trespassers and coalition

South America, Blue Made up mostly of younger speed ballers from Lee county.

Australia , Green,  Made of older and more experienced walk-ons and teams from Bonita Springs area. and individuals from as far as Colorado and Louisiana.


Game one.

The Green Team (Australia) surprised all by sweeping three objectives using a slow steady advance and good time management. Taking Russia and Africa. The US was  was able to to Take South America, but gave up it's own territory to the South Americans in heavy fighting.


Game Two

Russia (red) took the US, but lost its own territory.  The US was able to move into S. America and then on to Africa and hold both. The Blue S. Americans took both Europe and Russia, but were unable to get back and defend their homeland. In this game Blue swept 4 bases, but lost 2 due to a lack of defense.


Game Three

Russian Red and Blue S. America formed a  pact, Russia moved directly across the field with taking everything north of the Equator but the South Americans speed ballers were decimated in the woods.


Game Four

The Russian/ S. American treaty continued, but again the Green Australians swept across the southern hemisphere while the S. Americans and US wore themselves out on each other.  The Russians were again able to mop up the entire Northern Hemisphere.


Game 5

The US entered into a pact with the floundering S. Americans and planned to work together.  Just before the game was to begin the Russians approached the Americans with another offer of an Alliance.  Spoontz of the US was able to double cross the Russians, remove their General and sweep the entire field, occupying every single location.


Game 6

The final game produced no clear outcome with every team capturing at least one location.


Night Game

The night game feature the capture of 7 dragon eggs, Shiny metal globes centered on the field.  The Teams started in their usual positions and became a battle royal in the midfield.  Each egg was worth 7 Points, and each player possessing one at game end also received a dragon patch for his personal accomplishment.  Blue team only fielded three players for the night game, yet was able to secure 3 of the 7 eggs. An amazing coup.  Red was able to secure the remainder, pummeling all comers in the dark palmettos.  These night points turned out to mean everything as Sunday played out.




Arrived cool and calm.  The older players were moving a little slower,  A few players snuck away during the night, but a large contingent of Sunday players were used to refill the ranks.  The teams thus re-leveled the games began


Game One

Red Began the day by sweeping the entire field with exception of their sometimes ally in S. America.  US was ruthlessly wiped out of their home base, failing again to find a way to stop the Red Advance across the Northern plains.


Game Two

Red and it's ally in S. America again combined and split the field amongst themselves.  Red was getting way out front on points and the other Generals began quietly plotting.


Game Three

Yellow and Green renewed their cooperative efforts, and were finally able to repel the marauding Red team.  Blue had begun to fade, as its cohesive core of 5 players had left and were replaced with skilled but unfamiliar strangers.


Game Four

The re-invigorated Green team, working again with yellow nearly sweeps the field, keeping Russia bottled up in defense of their homeland while taking Europe Africa, S. America, and defending the home island of Australia.


Game Five

Red and Green in a close race for the ultimate win, and assisted somewhat by the other teams fought hard for every point.  Many players went above and beyond to raise their colors on to have it snatched back and forth several times.  At the end of this game Red again swept the northern hemisphere and Green the Southern half of the world.


Game Six

Offered a chance for the now supercharged green team to seize a come from behind victory.  But they would need to capture 5 Flag Stations.  The Green team was already holding four Cards, two of which happened to be jokers.  In capturing the 5 stations and getting these cards they would be able to create 3 cash-ins or 90 points,  just enough to win.  Red holding just on Risk card needed only to capture two locations and the luck of the draw to create a set.  This battle was centered Europe, where Aaron of the Red team was able to hold out against incredible odds.  He single-handedly held off the bulk of the US and Australian teams for 3/4 of the game.  This proved to be the critical battle in the 24 hour war.   Allowing the Red team to deny the Australian forces the ability to create their third cash in.  Red Russian forces were victorious by 20 Points.  The suspense and closeness of the contest, as well as the conniving and back stabbing treachery combined to keep nearly all players on site and involved to the very end!


This game was our best received game to date.  


The players were excited to hear we will play this Scenario again FEB 27,28 and March 1 2009.  


Next time we intend to have six teams, and will slightly adjust the locations of one or two bases and will draw for starting locations at the beginning and lunch of each day.  We may eliminate a team if a team falls so far behind that they have no chance.   That teams cards and players would be captured and acquired by another team, but their accumulated score would not transfer.





Cards will be turned in for points. If a team has 5 or more cards they must cash in.

Following the end of the 1st  Game,     Cash in   5 Points

Following the end of the 2nd  Game     Cash in  10 Points

Following the end of the 3rd  Game      Cash in  15 Points

Following the end of the 4th  Game      Cash in  20 Points

Following the end of the 5th  Game      Cash in  25 Points

Following the end of the 6th  Game      Cash in  30 Points  

Cash in Points  will revert to 5 points for the first cash in onSunday 

Team Game Points and personal patches will be awarded for the Satuday night game as well.

All Members of the winning team will Receive World Domination Pin on Sunday at the conclusion.