Red Dawn Scenario Rules

10AM Saturday the players will be divided into two large teams.  We intend to play each team three rounds as the Chinese and three rounds  as the National Guard/Wolverines. 

Chinese Team: When you are playing the role of the Chinese Team, many if not all of your troops will begin on 6 paintball helicopters, you may shoot from and be shot while on a helicopter (a bright yellow rope that can carry many players.)   You will be starting in the Western most side of the field.  You will advance eastward into the multicolored village mockup.  This village will be surrounded by a bright red danger ribbon.  The Chinese team will never leave the red ribbon area, except on a helicopter.  A helicopter must have at least two live players on board.  Once helicopter players are eliminated, they will walk the helicopter rope off the field and back to the re-insertion staging area.  Chinese helicopters may land ONLY at a specific wall (landing pad) within the town, here they will drape the rope over the wall.  Chinese players can be “on foot” ONLY  inside the town.  This means that even if the red perimeter tape is broken Chinese players will not move through the breach “on foot”  

The Chinese players primary mission is to raise the Chinese flag and defend it for the full one hour game. This earns 10 points

 Second Mission:  Using helicopters prevent the Wolverines from refueling the National Guard’s Artillery.  This earns 3 Points

 Third Mission: Locate a high value prisoner, (white Manikin tethered to a cargo box) Place the manikin into the box and close the lid. If manikin is in the box and lid is closed at end of game, This Earns 7 Points

 Fourth mission: If the Chinese team is able to keep the National Guard Artillery from blowing open the red danger tape.  This earns 5 points. 

Chinese Re-entry Rules: Re-entry every 15 minutes on the clock, on foot into the center of town or on helicopter across the south bridge.   This will continue until/unless the Red ribbon is broken.  After Red ribbon is broken by artillery fire (only a ref can make the decision if the red ribbon was fairly broken by an artillery shell (water balloon) landing within 10 feet of the ribbon and fired by national guard. Red Ribbon can not be repaired.   If red ribbon is broken, the Chinese must re-enter by helicopter only, at the southern bridge.   They can re-enter as fast and as often, as they can return their helicopters to the re-entry staging area.

National Guard: Your Primary mission is to roll your artillery piece (water balloon launcher) to the graveyard in the western portion of the field.  Here you will wait for the arrival of the wolverines.  The wolverines will be bringing one red gas can.  You will tie wrap the gas can to your artillery piece.  Refueling.  This earns 3 points.

After this refueling you will move your artillery into range of the Chinese held town.  You will attempt to bomb the red ribbon surrounding the town with water balloons.

 If the National Guard  bombs the ribbon with artillery.    This earns 5 points.

 This bombing creates a breach that National Guard and wolverines can now pass through to retake the town and raise the US Flag.  Raising the flag will end the game    This earns 10 Points.

Additional Mission:  This mission must be completed prior to raising the US Flag.  Locate and Free the manikin from the Wooden Crate.  This earns 7 Points.

Wolverines:  You are allied with the National Guard.  You mission begins sitting in a classroom near the center of the field.  When your teacher alerts you to the Chinese advance you will race to the Pawn Shop located just outside of town where you will retrieve your weapons.  You will then move to the gas station and retrieve a can of gasoline.  You will take it to the National Guard in the Graveyard to refuel their artillery.  If the person carrying the Gas can is eliminated, the player will return it to the gas station.   

Afterward the Wolverines will work with the National Guard in completing their missions.

 National Guard and Wolverines will re-enter every 15 minutes at the North Bridge.

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