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Out of the Ashes


Following the economic collapse of 2010,  1st World Nations attempted to appease emerging nuclear countries with offers of equality  in power, trade, and resources.   These offers failed!   Radical fundamentalists launched simultaneous nuclear attacks against all the first world countries,  this caused a realignment of the world's pecking order.  In the United States, commerce ground to a halt,  Oil Fields and Fresh Water supplies were polluted by fallout, all levels of employment ended.  Supplies of Gas, food and beer disappeared overnight.  Government attempts to print money to paper-over the apocalypse failed and currency became worthless.  Our Nation plunged backward to a time when only the quick and  the clever could survive. 

Now in the Year 2012 the new wealth is livestock,  canned goods,  ammunition and gasoline. 

You are a soldier in your local militia.  You are currently assigned to a Expeditionary Procurement Platoon.



Your mission is to locate  needed resources and secure them for your village.  A rival militia from the East Coast has been ransacking inland Florida farms.  We must not let these irreplaceable tools and supplies be pilfered.  You are instructed to eliminate all outsiders, they are either contaminated by radioactive fallout, or are radical saboteurs.


The Scenario:

You will be in one of two forces on the field, battling over limited resources.

To the victor go the spoils:

Certain objectives will garner special rewards, 

Example:  Holding the Pig Farm gets everyone on your team a pulled pork sandwich during lunch break.

Over the weekend, Four food prizes will be awarded.


The Best Marksman of the winning team will receive the Scavenger Trophy.

We will choose Generals on Saturday Morning from the two largest teams that will be present for the entire weekend. 

Smaller teams and walk-ons will be distributed to even the team strengths.

Sunday's reinforcements will be asked to join the weaker force.


NEW FOR CAMP MILES:   There will be controlled re-entry every 15 minutes, Saturday and Sunday with a break for lunch.

Questions?  Call Keith  239-980-9850          www.CampMilesPaintball.com


Make sure your CO2 and Air tanks are in Date

                        Under 18 ???  Print and Complete your Minor Liability Waivers !     Get them signed and Bring them with You!