Out of the Ashes
After Action Report:
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The Weather was outstanding.

133 Players participated in the event. 

Campsites with Electric were reserved two weeks in advance.


Red Team, The Winners: was largely comprised of:

Trigger Happy

Devil Ops




Dawn Patrol


Yellow Team



Team Winging It

Swamp Rats



Team B&D




                  Yellow           Red


Sat Morning         118             0

Sat Afternoon        9             44

Sat Night            0             12


Sun Morning          0             137

Sun Afternoon        0             126



Total               127            319


Game Recap:

Friday night broke all records for numbers of campers on site, with all electric sites reserved two weeks in advance.   The Teams set up quickly and relaxed with campfires and movies.  The festivities went well into the night and many friends were made.  War stories were told and went on until 2 in the morning.  



Players rolled in continuously beginning at 7:30am.  the players meeting started at 9AM,  and the game kicked off 15 minutes late, at 10:15, waiting for a few late arrivals to chrono.


The game was set for 15 minute re-entries. The first half (or session) ended at One PM and a two hour lunch.  Second Half started at 3PM and Ran to 6PM.


The Red Team was led by Chris Langdon of team Sabotage. This was his first attempt at General.  He was facing Scott Olding, Team Trespasser.  Scott is a very experienced General with Years of leading men onto the paintball field. Scott was featured in the Discovery Channel's recent segment on Wreckreation Nation "Hunt for Bigfoot".


As expected Scott deployed his troops quickly and surrounded the red team at their base. He used his time to maximize the points Saturday morning.  The red team got schooled hard on Saturday morning, but they learned the lesson,  and when the ends of the field were reversed after lunch, they applied the lessons that had been pounded into them.  The turnabout was painful for yellow as it took numerous human wave charges to break out of their re-entry area. In the afternoon, the yellow team was successful again at gathering all the props.  Red team found a loophole in the rules, an assault squad of Team Trigger Happy realized they could reach into the Yellow Safety zone with a long stick and fish out the props which had been discarded inside the yellow safety zone. This action began to level the point difference.




Sunday started with Yellow team general sending his fastest runners to successfully capture the point scoring articles from the center field, mazelike bunker fortress.

Yellow team started to feel the pressure from the mostly visiting teams who had by now become familiar with the fields of fire.   Early on, the yellow team attempted to carry on as if they could max the points, ala Saturday morning. Finishing the morning session;  Red Team General, Chris Langdon, incorrectly timed a major scoring opportunity.  He left an entire platoon out of position and in the open.  Later, at the correct time, they took the objective again.  Sunday afternoon, Yellow found themselves being chased away from their scoring opportunities, time and time again.  The red teams tactics eventually led to a complete collapse of the yellow team. This started an exodus of players, including general Scott. Many felt the hopelessness of re-entering into a hell-fire of accurately placed snipers.  When the session ended, Red team Had scored one of the highest point scores ever at Camp Miles.



Our staff chose Adam Stover, of Team Devil Ops as the Scenario's Most Valuable Player.  Of note were his use of a grappling hook to attempt to capture props from within the Enemy Team's safety area...  Update: The Grapple was provided by Chris of Devil Ops ...The other action was his ability to rally his team toward the night game. Unfortunately, Yellow team was unable to muster a squad for the night game... Update:  We have been informed team Xile was ready to play the night game, but the judges failed to find their campsite.   ...thus the Red Team won the night segment by default and added 12 points toward their final victory.  Additionally, Adam, won the marksmanship award; a Custom 98 with Response Trigger. (Donated by David Ciarcia of Team Coalition). We all wish Adam well on his Deployment with the Navy in the service of our country, and expect to see him back next year. 


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Yellow Team Saturday Morning (below)

Random Photos of Red Team Below