Indiana Jones - Search for the Crystal Skull

Archeologists have discovered a  huge pre-Incan obsidian ruin  deep in the rainforest.  Unfortunately the initial contact was led by a team of missionary college students who succeeded in inflaming the native priests who attacked the unarmed youths. Several were killed and others never escaped the fortress's  black, mazelike interior.  Later in a hospital interview, the expedition leader claimed that within the black fortress the native priests guard an ancient  crystal skull, that could be used somehow to levitate the huge stone blocks.

Just days after this incident a rumor began circulating that the famed treasure hunter Indiana Jones, would return from retirement to lead a privately funded mercenary army.  It is believed their intention is to seize the crystal skull.  The ultimate goal being to discover what strange force is harnessed by the skull that allowed these primitive people to move such large stones without machines or draft animals.  

The source of the private funding is rumored to a transportation firm in the magnetically levitated train industry.  A natural source of levitation could change the shape of transportation the world over...


After Action Report



Friday 5/16/2008


Players began arriving early on Friday afternoon, with stragglers arriving well after dark, and most arrived Saturday morning around 8:30 AM. 





General: Tony Pickens, Captain of the Misfits, and his military styled caravan arrived around 11PM and after some dexterous night trailer positioning,  settled in for the night.


General:  Scott Olding, arrived even later,  and until his arrival, it was widely  rumored that he had been lost  to work or family constraints.   The Trespassers  inflated visibly upon his appearance.      






Saturday May 17 2008   -  Limited Paint Day

   Scott Olding was first in the role of the Indiana Jones.  The Indiana team started in the south, and would be attacking the fortress ruin.  The ruin was defended by the Lower Amazonians led by Tony Pickens of the Misfits and accompanied by the Vandals and others.   


   The Indiana team began by  storing their two boxes of cargo supplies at their base camp tent. Their 1st mission was to deliver medicine to the local Shaman in exchange for information on the location of the crystal skull.  Indiana would also be tested by the Shaman to determine if he was wise and worthy enough to possess the skull by unlocking a small metal puzzle. Only then would the Shaman also provide information about location and the dangers surrounding the skull.


   Scott's team blew through the first 2 games with a non stop attack.  His team surrounded the Western half of the maze complex, then his snipers slid under the wall

and quickly overran the maze fortress.  In these first 2  games Scott was able to keep his forces together long enough in order to search the maze; find the chamber protected by a poisonous spider web,  use his bull whip to whip away the spider web and enter the chamber and find a wooden chest containing the crystal skull.  After securing the skull he had to take it to the white shrine and deliver it to the shaman, receiving 10 Points and ending that game.    Scott would soon learn how hard it was to defend and hold the maze fortress in games 4 and 5 because the teams switched ends of the field now allowing Tony to lead the Misfits to total point sweeps as well.


   In each game additional points could be won or lost.  The Indiana team was tasked with defending their cargo supplies at their base camp.  If the cargo remained on the table in their base tent, they would earn 4 points.  If the cargo was captured by the Lower Amazonian Indians and taken to their base tent and placed on their table, They would get the points.  These points would prove to be decisive at the start of game 6.  With the score nearly tied, Tony's Misfits surrounded the western  half of the maze fortress.  The huge fortress/maze/ruin was nearly an 2 acres in size.  Tony tasked his team mates, the Vandals, with a wide flanking maneuver in order to back door the fortress from the north.

Scott was hard pressed  to defend the  fortress, which was now regarded as a deathtrap by both Generals.  He kept 40 troops with him in and around the fortress and sent approximately 20 troops forward in an attempt to get the cargo boxes from the Indiana Jones camp.  Getting the cargo would secure a tie game.



   The battle for the maze fortress proved painful for the defenders again as it had all day.  The fortress had seven foot high walls which no one could see over, but had a two foot gap at the bottom which could be easily slid under.  The knee high brush and grass provided some cover for player legs, but not enough.  Attacking players of both teams had quickly adapted the this unique obstacle.   The best evolving method used long ballers to push back the defenders from prone positions right under the wall.  Then an assault team would dash forward and slide under the wall surprising the bottled up defenders as they tried to retreat from room to room.  

    Scott soon found himself alone, his entire defense eliminated and now outside his own fort as the Indiana team ransacked the treasure room.  His only hope would be to intercept  Tony, playing the Indiana Jones role,  as he delivered the skull to the white shrine.  Scott, stealthily slipped past the regrouping Vandals and Misfits, placing himself close to the shrine.  With time running low Tony sprinted toward the Shrine, outrunning the rest of his squad.  The Vandals suspected an ambush at the Shrine and tried to move to protect their general, but they were too late. Scott struck from a concealed position bringing down Tony just feet from the goal as the game time ran out.


   A pall fell over the Misfits as they revived their exhausted leader and started back

toward their base camp.  Suddenly a cheer resounded through the forest as it became known that the lower Amazonians (Scott's Team) misplaced the stolen Indiana Cargo boxes,  giving  Tony of the Misfits his  first win  at Camp Miles Paintball.



Sunday May 18 2008  -  Unlimited Bring Your Own Paint


   The Sunday event would find the Misfits in a desperate uphill battle as Scott Evans of the Swamp Rats was now leading the Trespassers and Dawn Patrol.  Scott Evans better deployed his defenses at key times during the day, and built an almost insurmountable lead by the fourth game.  Scott offered the Misfit General the option to yield. This had the effect of kicking a hornets nest. Tony's Lieutenant Dre, grabbed the bullwhip and led the fired up team back onto the field.  The Misfits quickly  swept the 5th game getting every available point and losing none.   The Misfits would have to repeat this feat again in the 6th and final game if they were to win the day.  Scott Evans deployed a multilevel defensive shield around his Medic tent (A secondary objective on Sunday)  and sent a light harassing force to slow the advance of the Misfits into the maze.


  The Misfits quickly blasted their way to the maze and captured the crystal skull, but in the heat of battle, as harassing forces counter attacked, Dre  made a strategic blunder.  Hurried by a Dawn Patrol Sniper, Dre placed the skull in the shine (ending the game) before his troops could knock out the enemy medic station.  Without the Medic Station Points, Scott Evans'  was victorious for the first time at Camp Miles.