Custer's Last Stand

Feb 5, 6, 7     2010

Players will be divided into three companies.

Prizes on Saturday and Sunday


This scenario calls for Custer's 7th Cavalry company to start standing within their fort which will feature, for the first time at Camp Miles,  at least one raised fighting position. 

 This will be a game in which the Cavalry Team will be attempting to seize and hold the Sioux Indian village. Unfortunately for Custer, history claims Custer was stalled in his attempt, and was forced to defend himself behind a wall of dead horses on an open plain.  In this re-enactment Custer himself must plant the Cavalry Flag in the center of a  ring of dead horse bunkers.  

The Cavalry must plant their Flag in the center of a ring of dead horse bunkers, before this team can score any points in this game.  The cavalry's primary goal is to keep their flag flying as long as possible,  scoring 1 point per minute, for as long as it flies. 

Custer is the only Cavalry member allowed to move the Flag at any time in this game.  If he decides to retreat back to the fort and is successful at getting the flag back to the fort, it will earn his team an additional 10 points. If Custer is eliminated, he must stab the flag into the ground and exit the field.  Then for the remainder of the game, Custer's team will attempt to keep the flag from being captured by the Indians.  

The other two teams will be plains Indians.  They will be starting near the north and center bridges.  These two teams are not allies, and are competing to capture the Cavalry Flag.  The Indian team that captures the Flag ends the game and earns 10 Points for their team.  

Additionally: When the game ends, which ever team possesses the fort by having the most  live players within the walls,  will earn 5 Points. 

Game time will be 25 minutes or until the Flag is captured by Indians. This is hit you're out, not multiple returns.  We intend to play as many games as possible until dark on Saturday, and 4PM on Sunday.

Large Teams will be kept together and augmented with small teams and walk-ons. Teams will rotate positions in clockwise manner, each team will play the role of Custer's regiment two or three times each day.