National Treasure-Confederate Gold

Confederate Gold   refers to the hidden caches of gold lost after the Civil War, or as more locally known :  The War of Northern Aggression.   Millions of dollars worth of gold was lost or unaccounted for after the war and has been the speculation of many historians and treasure hunters. Some of the treasure was hidden in order to wait for the re-rising of the south and at other times simply so that the Union would not gain possession. Many of the treasures hidden were purportedly done so by the still elusive,  Knights of the Golden Circle.

A treasure of 600 oz.  in gold bullion is located somewhere East of Punta Gorda FL,  buried by Captain John Riley. He was attempting to ship it to Cuba  in 1865, but was chased down by Union troops. It is rumored locally that the last confederate dragged the chest and himself into a bog.

Another 85,000 oz  was buried  in the face of a Union advance. The gold was stamped Confederate States of America treasury and was on route from Texas to England and France for safekeeping. Rumors are that the gold was buried under the name of a confederate general in a cemetery. Other rumors state the gold was moved to a depository in Atlanta.


Flash forward-


1/1/2001 Gold spikes to $275 per Ounce.  


1/10/2008 Gold Spikes to $910 per Ounce.


1/18/2008 OPEC votes to accept only Gold for Oil.


1/18/2008  Ft Knox is inventoried and found holding only file cabinets full of lease agreements.  


1/29/2008  Leasors of gold unable to cover,  declare bankruptcy in response to gold price surge.


2/1/2008  The President of the United States requests that patriots bring gold to the banks at the previous day's

                 closing price,  $1800/oz.


2/15/2008 The President releases the Strategic Oil Reserve in an effort to quell violence in California.


3/1/2008  The US treasury declares gold: National Treasure, and those still hording gold; traitors.


3/14/2008  With most troops otherwise deployed to secure oil ports and wells worldwide,  The President deploys the

                  Northern National Guard Troops  to find the CONFEDERATE GOLD.