National Treasure-Confederate Gold

After Action Report



Saturday   3/15/2008



This day, like most in Florida started foggy but cool around 65 Degrees, breezy, then later hot and dry:  Paintball Heaven. 


Over 157 Players either camped or arrived  early and tried unraveling another one of Keith Woerner's scenario productions., this time though it could require not only steady trigger, but a pencil and paper as well.



The general representing the union  troops was chosen that morning.  

Tony Pickens of Team Misfits, demonstrated strong motivational skills.







The choice for the General of the Confederate Team, would be Scott Olding, Team Captain of the Trespassers, defending his 1-0 record at camp miles.







The first game was kept simple on purpose, as no players were allowed onto the field prior to game start in order to preserve the scenario's  integrity.



This first action would involved the teams finding an Altar with instructions leading them to the Anagram Cipher.

Both teams found the Altar and started working on the dreaded anagram.  Solving this riddle would net that team an additional 5 Points.    Later the judges learned that both teams had used cell phones to call in outside help.



  Answer: Work to see map.


Each future game required teams to use a compass and capture several objectives, in the end players would have to hold a confederate Flag over a rambling message scrawled on a door, reading through the bullet holes in the flag would reveal the name of a grave that would contain the Confederate Gold.


There were two other point earning opportunities available in all 6 Games.  The most fought over objective was the disarming of a large bomb.   Players would have to reach into the 125 pound bomb, carefully pull down the wire bundle from  the inside and disconnect ONLY  the correct colored wire.  Each game the colors and number of wires were changed.  Successful disarming earned 3 points.



The other objective in all 6 games was the Wire Guided Time Bomb; a colored PVC pipe riding a 70 foot steel wire.  Players would sling this pipe to the opponents side just prior to the  end of each  game.  The bomb exploded at game end.  earning 3 point for the opposite side.



Throughout the first 5 games, players fought valiantly with their limited paint to thwart the efforts of the opposing side. As with most of our limited paint games, most of the shots were, one shot one kill.  Most players started the next game with increasingly full hoppers.



In the 6th and final Game  the red team had completed all of their quests. 

They had the name of the correct grave,

they had their shovel,

they had their compass,

And they knew they had an advantage because  the blue team had not found their shovel yet.


Red Team General Scott Olding, decided to send a small force to dig up the gold, and larger force to block the blue teams effort to locate their shovel... 


As Jim Van Jones the leader of the red fire team approached an encampment of teepees where a needed clue was hidden, a sniper killed his shovel bearer.   His team routed the sniper, entered the teepee and was able to determine the compass heading to the Grave Yard.  As Jim Van Jones stood in the teepee pointing his compass to 270 Degrees, he looked into the distance and spotted Blue players already digging through random graves with their bare hands.  He and his team were able run off the grave robbers, then knowing the correct grave name quickly dug up the correct coffin and discovered the gold.

Jim's team was few in number, the gold bars many,  and very heavy.  His team quickly gathered what they could carry and attempted to flee from the now counter-attacking Blue Team.  But burdened with heavy bars,  the red fire team could not outrun the blue attackers.  Only Jim Van Jones was able to out run the blue and secure 3 bars.


The Blue team easily secured the remaining 12 bars.  


In the end the blue team nearly pulled off a come from behind win, they collected the majority of the gold bars. 

However, the  day long campaign was won by Scott Olding, under his leadership the Red Team consistently gathered up the objective points and never lost their momentum.  


Scott Olding's  record is now 2-0 at CampMilesPaintball.  He recklessly wagers that under his leadership he could win with his band of recball players against any and all visitors in limited paint play.



Sunday  3/16/2008  Camp Miles Florida


Tired from the previous days play and campfire activities  players were slow to rise. The perfect camping weather and whippoorwill songs would be disturbed around 830AM by a steady stream of team traffic, arriving to play unlimited paint.


Tony of the Misfits would continue to lead the Blue Team.


The Red Team would now be led by Rhino of the C.A.T team. 


The full day's mission would be to plant their teams flag in the Whitehouse located near the middle of a 30 acre field.  After they planted their flag a  timer would then start,  now the team was required to keep their flag upright in the Whitehouse for 10 minutes.  Ending the game  and earning 1 point.


The battles were intense, the white house was taken and re-taken at least three times per game.  Both teams fought fiercely when they realized the clock was ticking against them.  The red team was stronger throughout the day but a safety violation created a sixth game tiebreaker. 


I had a conversation with Rhino, Capt. of the red team just prior to start of the sixth game.  He informed me that his leadership style ( leading from the front ) was getting him killed too soon so he decided to enter the sixth game without a paint gun in order to force himself to lead from the rear.  I felt compelled to inform the blue team that the red team capt. would not be carrying a marker in this last game. I was surprised when the blue players  responded with "he's cheating again!"  I explained that he might be carrying a grenade, so feel free to light him up....  The battle played straight into the red teams hands as the red team captain now called his orders from the rear and swept the blue team from the white house in record time.  Unfortunately another safety violation by a red player, well away from the objective, caused the Sunday tournament to end in a tie.


Tony Flag, Team Captain of the Vandals' won the Camp Miles Cup!


The Cup is awarded to the the best marksman on the winning team of the Saturday limited paint event

Congratulations Tony!







Jesse won the Sunday Portion and took home the BT Combat Marker