Braveheart Scenario   

Paintball Weekend at Camp Miles Oct 3,4,5    2008

  I am a Scottish Highlander, and I have joined William Wallace in his quest to take York castle. Possibly an insurmountable quest as I have seen this castle.  It lies deep in the forest with high wall parapets and arrow firing slits, this castle is over 3 acres in size. He tells us foreign kings are willing to pay our coalition of tribes and supporters well if we can lower the centrally located flag and raise ours, earning 7 francs toward our eventual goal. He also urges us to burn the British fields, rewarding our worthy cause 5 francs per field. A French king, wishing to stay anonymous, tells us that if we will kill the British peasants hiding to the north of the fortress he will pay us 2 francs per peasant. With these monies, we can sue for peace and protect our lands and way of life. 

  I am a professional in the her majestiesí service and I have slaughtered countless French. Now I have been assigned to bring my expertise in the defense of mighty York castle. I fight for glory and the honor of the crown. I have seen many battles in my day, but this July Iíll appreciate the shady environment, superior ramparts and the fields of fire that we have created around our high walls. 

If the battle continues into the following Sunday, I understand our resupply will give us an unlimited supply of projectiles.  I for one will not let a minor wound force me from the field. No amount of money can buy my loyalty as I fight for God and country, however Longshanks has offered bonuses, 7 francs to poison the well of the rebellious savages, and 2 francs each bounty for killing the Savagesí camp followers.