Braveheart Weekend  After Action Report 

Oct 3, 4, 5    2008

The Braveheart scenario began with a rare cool October weekend for South West Florida.  

The players, nearly 100, would quickly divide themselves into teams as we encourage.  Unknown to us in advance, and almost as if prearranged, a large complement of Cape Coral Army JROTC led by Cruz, captain of the Crusaders,  aligned themselves with the Trespassers and Coalition  to form the core of the yellow team. 

The red team would find itself led by Charlotte High Navy JROTC commander  Shawn Spoonts (a newbie to our sport), supported by KZB, Dawn Patrol, and a large contingent of walkons.
In the initial battle, the The yellow team crushed the red team's castle defense,  taking the castle, killing the peasants, and burning the fields, maxing their points while  shutting out any chance of the  Red team scoring in this first game.
Over the next two games the Red team leader became familiar with the terrain, and his players' abilities.  Allowing him to slowly gain in the points race.
Finally by the end of fourth game, now as the attackers,  the red team was able to post a perfect score of 23 taking  a one point lead:  40 to 39.
Going into the 5th Game, both teams were highly motivated to break the morale of the other.
Neither team was able to score a single point. As defenders of the 5 combined objectives dug in and fought off numerous attacks during this 30 minute game.
As the sixth and final 30 minute battle started, the sky darkened and a drizzle began to fall.  Tough conditions for your average weekend player, but no complaints were heard as the players rushed to their positions for the start.  Both teams cheered at the starting siren, confident of their impending victory.  

In the  first half of this final game caution prevailed,  the casualties were low, and it appeared the score might remain unchanged.  The light drizzle and humidity built up and obscured the vision of the stationary players further hampering their ability to charge well defended objectives. As the halftime mark was announced over loud speakers  the advantages of long range patrol activity began to pay off. First the yellow team's patrol backdoored the red team peasants scoring 4 points, more than enough to win this nearly stalemated game.  Unfortunately for these seasoned professionals, yellow team failed to guard their fields in the last moments of this crucial game.  Suddenly red suicide attackers  led by a retired marine, burst from the palmettos and drizzle would burn both fields, scoring 10 Points.  Clinching the game for the Red team led by Sean Spoonts Commander Charlotte County Navy JROTC

  Chris Elder - Overall Champion

Sean Spoonts  -  General Winning Team

Chris Smith - Winning Team and Runner-up Marksman

Congratulations to Our Prize Winners

At Camp Miles, Prizes are awarded only to players on the winning team who show exceptional marksmanship.


    Sunday Unlimited Paint Competition -   Sunday Oct 5th

 The teams began Sunday with rosters closely similar to the prior day.   Tony Flagg of the Vandals, assumed his first command at Camp Miles, leading the yellow forces.  Saturday's Red Team leader was not able to attend the Sunday event.  New arrivals re-filled the ranks.  With the weather cooperating better, a light breeze and cloudy conditions but no rain, expectations ran high.  As with the day before Yellow leaped ahead with a perfect score.  At this point in the game Dawn patrol slipped away for unknown reasons, further complicating Red's effort  their substitute General also had to leave early as well.  Now leaderless,  the red players  would have rely on their own individual efforts against a vengeful veteran horde still smarting from the prior day's defeat.     

The Red team gave it their best, and fought valiantly, but unable to mount any organized offense or defense, they were decimated at every encounter.   The Red team set a new record by loosing the contest in just 4 games,  the shortest contest ever.

Bill Bones, of the Victorious Yellow Team,  proved his prowess with gun by taking the Marksmanship Award winning the Grandest Prize yet at Camp Miles,  This 5 Foot Scottish Claymore Sword. 

The players were still hungry for more trigger-time, so we re-picked  the teams and played 2 more games for fun.



Special thanks to :

Q-loader Paintball for the loading systems.

 CamelBack for the Hydration systems...

Morgan Awards

Scot Norr Paintball of Cape Coral for promotions.

Eddison Army Navy  Port Charlotte for promotions.

Stan's Army Navy  Ft. Myers for Promotions.

Iron Mace Paintball,  Mobile air and supplies

Key Action Sports for their Premium Label Paintballs.