After-Action Report

Hunt For Bigfoot Scenario Oct 19, 2008

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Game 1 After-Action

In this first game both teams successfully poured their bigfoot plaster casts.  Bones spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort in concealing his casts.

Yellow team under Scott Olding disarmed the ELF bomb.

Game 2

One of our local Rangers has “let it slip,” that the Bigfoot crosses the Barbwire Fence in his nightly route to the mess hall dumpster.  It is likely that some fur has been caught in the barbs.   The Ranger has provided a compass heading for the generals that should take you close to the crossing point of this wire.  Beat the other team to this point and collect the hair tufts in your evidence bags, each team will have 3 evidence bags. You may collect all six tufts in a single evidence bag, but if you are shot you must drop your evidence bag immediately, unless you are the general.  Generals do not have to drop or turn over evidence bags or any other props to the other teams under any circumstance. Tufts of Bigfoot hair are worth 2 points each.  

The Red ribbon in the very back of the field is designated as the barbwire; the tufts are connected to this red ribbon.

Warning: The ELF’s will have once again emplaced another bomb in a different location, somewhere in the back half of the field. As before, in order to earn 5 points for your expedition you must defuse the bomb correctly within 15 minutes.   

Game 2 After-Action

Both Teams collected hair samples, The Red Team Gathered the majority of the hair, and Yellow was again able to disarm the bomb.


Game 3

Last night one of our crew heard a local Hunter telling hunting stories at the local pub.  We learned that he had stepped into manure… “the likes he had never seen before…”   

Your mission is clear, this strange manure must certainly hold the key DNA evidence to confirm the existence of Bigfoot.

The Hunter provided us with this napkin map, which in conjunction with a satellite overlay provided us with the coordinates to find this valuable excrement.

At the start of the game, the generals will be given the coordinates to the base of a large Pine tree.  It is believed that Bigfoot may sleep in this tree at night.  Beat the other team to this point and collect as much excrement as possible in your evidence bags.

Each team will have 3 evidence bags. Fill them as full as possible, your team will be judged on the combined total weight at the end of the game. (Sand, water and human excrement will not count)   As before if you are shot you must drop your evidence bag immediately, unless you are the general.  Generals do not have to drop or turn over evidence bags or any other props to the other teams under any circumstance.

Your team gets 13 points for bringing in the most manure, by weight.

Also don’t forget that the Earth Liberation Front is still at large and intent on bombing the field.  Disarming the bomb is still worth 5 Points.

 Game 3 

Bones Red Team gathered the only dung, Bones evidence bags were stuffed to the breaking point, and two broke, so he filled his cargo pockets.  Neither team was able to disarm the bomb,  this gave the ELF's double paint for the next game

Game 4

As experienced poparatsi you know the value of a good photo.

This will be your moment to capture the Bigfoot on video on the run.  We recently captured an ELF laptop, cracked their code and learned how the ELF has been tracking the Bigfoot.  They put radio Isotope laden bananas near the mess hall dumpster, and apparently the beast has eaten them. The beast is now track able by satellite. The Elfs have also hacked into a US surveillance satellite and are using it to track the beast.

Using the captured laptop we will be able to tell you approximately the location of the beast and his direction of movement. Use these coordinates we provide just prior to the game’s start to position your photographer for capturing this magnificent beast on video.

Generals will designate a single player to be their photographer. The photographer will not carry a weapon during this game. If the photographer is eliminated he must immediately leave the field with the camera. He may not hand off the camera to another player during that game. The team with the best video of Bigfoot (judged by staff, after the game) will earn 14 Points

Warning: The ELF has another bomb in play, detonation time 15 minutes into the game.

Game 4 After-Action

Camera problems prevented the Red Team from capturing any video.  Yellow Team captured some excellent video of the Bigfoot.   Meanwhile a Red Team player discovered the poorly hidden Footprints poured by Yellow,  and snatched them.  Yellow had left a trail of cast making materials from their footprint site, all the way back to their start point.


Game 5

This game entails 3 missions

1st mission, Simply go out and collect your footprint casts and remove them completely from the field, (to the area between the yellow tape and your bridge). The person exiting the field with the casts will not be allowed to re-enter the field unless this person is the general.   All other players except the general when carrying a cast must, if shot, place the casts on the ground and exit the field.   Recovered casts are worth 8 points each (you may capture opponents casts as well).  .  Casts must be unbroken and easily recognizable as a large foot.

2nd  Mission, As before, new coordinates on Bigfoot’s location and direction of movement will be called in prior to the start of the game. Video will be judged after the game. 14 points.

3rd  Mission  Diffuse the ELF  bomb 5 points.

Game 5 After-Action

Red Team again captured no video,  this time because, yellow was able to put a screen of experienced shooters between him and the bigfoot.

Red Team was able to disarm the bomb, allowing them to go into the final game with a 5 Point lead.

Game 6

Recent internet traffic between the Earth liberation forces in the field and their Berkley headquarters, has revealed that the Bigfoot is sick from the Radio Isotopes in the banana bait.  “Hopefully” they say,  “None of this will get out to the press…”

All we know is that the ELFs have moved Bigfoot by stretcher to the old Indian village, where he died.

The ELFs have emplaced their last bomb near the beast in an attempt to destroy the evidence of why this magnificent creature actually died.

Your mission is to locate this dead creature, keeping him on the stretcher, carefully bring him back to the square bunker-like box at your team’s starting point and place him inside this morgue freezer, ending the game.  Earning 40 points.

As always, dismantling the bomb is 5 points.

But, If the bomb detonates close to the Bigfoot (judges call, approx 50 feet)  his value drops to 5 Points, as there are lots of partial bigfoot cadavers turning up in dumpsters all around the south.


Game 6 After-Action

Both teams were fired up for this the final game.  Bones leading the yellow team decided he would attempt to blow the bomb in place, if successful,  the best the yellow team could score was 5 points for a tie.  At the start signal, Bones dispatched his fastest runner, weaponless, to make a kamikaze run for the bomb.  It was close, but the runner successfully exploded the bomb before being hosed down by the yellow team's lead element.   Now, follow on forces from red were able to drag the bigfoot deep into the swamp and hide him until the game timer ran out. 

The Production Team from Wreckreation Nation said to thank everyone for their cooperation in the making of this episode of Adventure Man.  

This once in a lifetime opportunity went off without a hitch,  so thank you for your patience with the extended day,  due to video production.   The date for airing is not yet set, and we will let you know by emails,  as soon as we are notified

The raffle for the TM7 was won by Brian Messier, but he left early, so no photo...