Behind Enemy Lines

After Action Report

November 28, 29, 30  2008


Russian Viewpoint

К началу 2008 увеличивающиеся боевые действия НАТО достигают точки кипения, и мы боимся теперь наших наций, которыми гордых российских призывников нужно снова назвать к фронту в защиту дальнейшей территориальной потери.

Русские: Ваша миссия как всегда состоит в том, чтобы блокировать всех капиталистов имперские незаконные вторжения родины, наши хорошо вооруженные солдаты рабочего наряду с ультрасовременным вооружением будут преобладать, поскольку мы всегда имеем. операции безопасности могут включить пересечение в грузинскую Территорию, чтобы помочь нашим товарищам в построении их рая рабочего. КГБ сообщает, что несколько американских военных самолетов были подстрелены, американцы отрицают этому как обычно. Используя радио-станцию точки пересечения, Вы захватите пилотов и принесете им к самому близкому лагерю перевоспитания. Поскольку всегда ваша вторичная миссия будет состоять в том, чтобы обеспечить участки крушения, обеспечивающие технологию..


NATO Viewpoint

 In early Winter 2008,  in response to the continuing Russian incursions into Georgia ,  A  flight of three American stealth fighters was dispatched to physically complicate the Russians operations along the border area.   Unfortunately the aircraft were lost well inside Russian territory.   It is suspected that the Russians may have utilized a new type of energy weapon against our stealth fighters. All three pilots have survived but are injured and unable to move to an extraction point without assistance.  The downed pilots will be transmitting on their survival radios in hopes of rescue while defending themselves with only one fifteen round clip.  

Americans : Your mission is to infiltrate by ground into Russian territory,  make radio contact with your pilots using a radio on a frequency of your choice, locate, then physically assist them back across enemy lines to your aid station.  secondary missions could entail destroying the aircraft and recovery of the planes black boxes.

Additional secret missions include :   find this new Russian Energy weapon, eliminate any defenders...search for any technical manuals...then wrap two passes of detonation cord around weapon and destroy.                                                


   Camp Miles was again blessed with excellent weather.  Players were greeted with cool dry air on Saturday morning.  Few official teams were present, but the Trespassers and Coalition were in attendance and were placed on one side against a larger ragtag group of ROTC, KZB,  and unaffiliated players.   T-Bone of the Navy ROTC was elected by the larger team to lead.  Scott Olding led the much smaller band of Trespassers and Coalition.   Shawn Spoonts played the important role of the downed pilot throughout the day,  doing an excellent job by creating code sheets and a realistic chatter on the field radio.    He was able to provide a tense game by remaining well hidden and guiding the American rescue teams using radio and codes.  The field was perfect, as the players were unable to locate the downed pilot without assistance.

In one game the battle for possession of the pilot was so intense that he was captured and freed 3 times.  The debut of our walking tank system was a complete success.   Players pushed the performance parameters, proving that this new weapon design is an exciting addition that will be incorporated into future games in even larger numbers.

The score was close all the way through the 6th game.  Both teams had a chance to win.

Our Saturday night game featured 7 Skull pin prizes awarded to those players that could successfully capture a dragon egg.  Three  teams were formed and would play without arm bands.  The teams were placed at the corners of the 50 Acre field and started 10 Minutes after sunset.  Those who were able to capture an egg and keep it, (one egg per player)  earned their skull.  The eggs changed hands many times in this maelstrom.  All types of night vision is allowed, except flashlights and Q-beams.  

On  Sunday the objectives were adjusted to keep the action intense and the suspense alive.  Again the walking tank proved to be a formidable weapon.  No rockets were present, and only a concerted flanking maneuver on the open rear would be successful..  Both teams proved adept at using their infantry to support the mechanized assault.